An unofficial GitHub Markdown to HTML Content Creation System.

Steps to configuring website on to work with ghmd-ccs.

For a basic setup this is very easy:

  1. Create a directory called template in the root of your website.

  2. Copy the original index.html file into the template directory.

  3. Make a duplicate of the template/index.html called index-template.html in the template directory.

    • At this point your template directory structure should look like this.
      • template
      • template/index.html
      • template/index-template.html
  4. Setup your .gitignore file.

    • Create a file called .gitignore in the root directory of your website if it does not already exist.
    • Modify .gitignore and add ghmd-ccs to the file.
      • This makes sure ghmd-ccs is not added to your website.


Clone ghmd-ccs into the website.